RAR Times: Local or UTC?

Some reviewers have questioned the claim stated in the Guccifer 2.0 NGP/VAN Metadata Analysis report that the .rar files analyzed in that study recorded file times in local (relative) time.  In short, newer implementations of WinRAR use the “version 5” format and in that format times are recorded as UTC times.  However, the .rar files analyzed in this study use the older version 4 format which records times in “local” (relative) format.

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MB: Mega Bytes or Mega Bits?

UPDATE (2017-08-02): This blog entry has been updated with additional information which documents actual transfer rates seen when targeting both a close US host and another domestic US host located on the opposite coast.  The effect of using a VPN is also shown.

The bottom line is that the rate drops dramatically when packets have to transit large distances (even without factoring in the use of a VPN, or going trans Atlantic) – the transfer speeds dropped from 14 MB/s to 2MB/s.

Detailed test results are documented in the blog entry,  The Need for Speed.

Some reviewers have asked about the use of “MB/s” as a measure of transfer speed.  In the Guccifer 2.0 NGP/VAN Metadata Analysis report.  “MB/s” refers to Mega Bytes per second where “Mega” is one million (1,000,000).  Some reviewers have confused this notation with “Mb/s”, or mega bits per second often quoted by ISP’s.   Those two measures of transfer can be confused with each other, and there are articles on the Internet that discuss this topic, for example here and here.

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